"The good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease"

Sir William Osler (father of modern medicine in the 19th century)

Following this motto, Dr. Ferreira has achieved in all his years of professional activity that his patients consider him to be a great doctor. 


It is clear that in the last two decades there have been more advances in medicine than in all the rest of its history and it is a reality that the practice of medicine in the 21st century is inconceivable without super-specialisation, but there is little point in achieving a high level of professional training if it is not accompanied by humane and precise treatment of the patient. 


"The wish for healing Has always been half  of health"

SENECA (Year 4 BC)


Dr. Ferreira receives patients from all over the world, often complex cases already treated somewhere else, and studies each case in a personalized way  attending to the needs of each patient, to make a detailed diagnosis and to seek an adequate treatment, as well as to solve all the doubts that may arise during the procedure.


Honesty and ethics always come first for him when indicating a surgery, and he involves the patients in the decisions taken regarding their treatment, reviewing with them the pros and cons of each decision, always watching over their safety and helping them to make the best decision for their case.