Osteoarticular and pathologies from tissues such as tendons, fasciae, ligaments, have been treated for years with therapies of biological origin that allow the repair of these tissues through the application of proteins and cells of the individual that facilitate the growth and regeneration of damaged tissues, with minimal discomfort for the patient and without the need to undergo surgery.


For a long time the only method for accurately injecting a substance into a particular joint compartment has been fluoroscopy, while soft tissue infiltrations have been and continue to be performed "blindly".  


Ultrasound makes it possible to perform an infiltration by controlling the needle in real time up to its target and thus monitor the behavior of the structures while the invasive technique is being performed. This ultrasound control makes it possible to introduce the therapeutic substance in the exact place, thus achieving a better response and avoiding damage to structures such as vessels and nerves.


Ultrasound-guided punctures achieve a better response, with a faster improvement of the symptomatology with respect to conventional infiltrations, reducing post-puncture pain and increasing the duration of the effect by more than 70%.