Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance and therefore very biocompatible. The most important properties of hyaluronic acid are to protect, lubricate and support delicate cells and tissues.


Viscovita Plus contains sodium hyaluronate and is free of avian protein, it can improve the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid, lubrication and synovial fluid properties are improved and the mechanical overload of the joints is reduced, resulting in at least partial relief of painful symptoms and improved function, although the effect is usually not immediate but long-term. There are studies in which its efficacy and safety have been demonstrated, improving pain and function, and delaying the implantation of a prosthesis in patients with severe osteoarthritis of the knee.


Intra-articular therapy has proven to be effective at a curative and preventive level in joint pathologies. Its justification lies in the fact that the main property of hyaluronic acid is its capacity to lubricate and cushion the synovial fluid, and it also has a protective role for the tissue by limiting the penetration of inflammatory cells or proteolytic enzymes.