It is a technique devised and developed entirely by Javier Ferreira M.D and has been performed since 2014, with more than 600 cases treated.


It has been demonstrated that hydrodissection dilates the space around the puncture needle, freeing structures trapped in fibrosis, dissecting and separating important structures such as nerves, arteries, veins and tendons from the needle tip, thus preventing iatrogenesis by direct injury from the needle or from the ester crystals of infiltrated corticosteroids.


The objective is to alleviate or suppress pain and inflammatory manifestations, prevent or recover functional limitation, accelerate the favorable evolution of the process and reduce or eliminate the need for more aggressive treatments or with side effects.


It allows the patient to resume full activity 12 hours after the intervention.


It is indicated in patients with compressive peripheral neuropathy (clinically and electromyographically confirmed), such as carpal tunnel syndrome in whom initial conservative treatment based on oral NSAIDs, night splinting and rehabilitation has failed.