Stener Lesion, also called skier's thumb, is an injury that occurs when a ligament in the thumb, essential to maintain the stability of this finger when we grip, is broken.  It usually occurs in falls with the hand open.


Due to the particular anatomy of the area, when it breaks it cannot heal properly and requires surgical treatment to reinsert it in its normal position.


If an early diagnosis is not made, for which echography is very useful, a more complex intervention is required, involving reconstruction of the injured structure, taking a donor tendon from the patient, to restore the stability of the finger. 

1. Ultrasound image of Stener lesion.

2. Surgical image of the injured ligament.

3. Surgical repair of the ligament

4. Postoperative follow-up ultrasound image showing the continuity of the ligament, although it is thickened.


Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease affecting about 1% of the world's population, characterized at the locomotive system level by symmetrical joint synovitis, mainly affecting the small joints of the hand and feet, causing pain and stiffness. Over time, progressive joint damage, deformity and loss of function occur.


Despite the great advances in the pharmacological treatment of this disease, there are still cases in which surgical treatment is necessary to alleviate pain and improve the function of the hand. In incipient cases it helps  delaying joint damage.


1. 65-year-old woman who consulted for deformity and difficulty of function in the right hand which has progressively worsened.


2. She presents ulnar burst of the triphalangeal fingers, and a Boutonniere deformity of the thumb.

3. Soft tissue realignment was performed and a silicone prosthesis was placed at the metacarpophalangeal joints.... 

...of the triphalangeal fingers and a tendon transfer at the level of the thumb was performed.


5. This is the radiological result after the intervention.


6. This is the clinical result, where you can see the difference between the operated right hand and the non operated left hand.


7. This is finally the functional result.