The pathology of the hand and upper limb, due to its complexity and specificity, requires in-depth knowledge and special dedication. Thanks to new technologies, great advances have been achieved both in the diagnosis and treatment of these injuries. 


Dr. Ferreira's training and experience in microsurgery and upper extremity surgery, as well as in the field of arthroscopy allow him to treat effectively: 

 - Fractures: hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, arm and shoulder.

- Complications of fractures in the upper and lower limb, such as vicious

pseudo-arthroscopic, pseudo-union,pseudoarthrosis, osteomyelitis, joint stiffness. 

- Amputations and complex injuries, mainly in the hand.

- Acute and chronic tendon injuries

- Acute and chronic peripheral nerve injuries

- Rheumatoid hand, elbow and shoulder 

- Pathology of the brachial plexus and sciatic nerve.

- Peripheral compressive neuropathies (mainly CTS and ulnar canal).

- Dupuytren's disease

- Arthrosic degenerative pathology such as: rhizarthrosis, STT arthrosis, etc.

- Peripheral paralysis.

- Loss of substance in severe trauma of the extremities, using for this purpose a complete range of surgical skills.



- Internal, external and combined osteosynthesis of fractures.

- Osteotomies: simple and complex of distal radius, ulnar shortening.

- Arthrodesis: total wrist, partial (radiocarpal and intercarpal),

metacarpophalangeal, interphalangeal, etc ...

- Arthroplasties.



- Vascularized bone grafts.

- Microvascular suture

- Nerve suture

- Skin coverage (pedicled and free flaps in upper and lower limb).



- Acute tendon repair (flexors and extensors).

- Tendon reconstruction: chronic tendon injuries

- Acute ligamentous repair

- Chronic ligamentous reconstructions (MCF, scapho-lunate lig., etc...)

- Fasciotomy, fasciectomy and dermophasciectomy (Dupuytren's disease)

- Tendon transfers (paralytic hand, peripheral neuropathies, etc...).

- Release of nerve compressive syndromes (CTS, ulnar syndrome in the

epitrocleolecranial groove, CPE, tarsal tunnel syndrome, etc...).