Eloy, 30 years old. 


He plays contact sports. 


Rupture of the scapholunate ligament of the wrist. 


"In the summer of 2016, due to the practice of high intensity contact sports, I began to feel pricks in the wrist and a strong crunching in the movement of the wrist, especially when I was doing physical exercise in the gym. By March 2017 I decided to put myself in the hands of Javier Ferreira M.D who diagnosed me with a total rupture of the scapholunate ligament of the wrist, so in April I had surgery, applying two screws (with very small scars, which a year later are almost gone). The result is, as of June 2018, with the removal of one of the two screws, an excellent professional follow-up by the doctor and some guidelines and rehabilitation routines, being able to recover the full strength of the wrist, hand and forearm, being able to develop all the exercises previously practiced in my gym activity and without any discomfort. To this great result I would add the perfect and complete movement of the wrist. Concluding on a 100% recovery.

I hope you find my experience useful".

Carlos, 34 years old.




Ligament rupture in the wrist.


""What can't I praise about Dr. Ferreira and his team. Thanks to them I can go on with my life as normal. I remember the months I spent with tremendous pain in my wrist, visiting different doctors and none of them could find my problem. Until, thanks to the  recommendation of a friend (a doctor). She recommended that I should visit Javier Ferreira M.D. I was given an appointment for a Friday, I entered the consultation somewhat skeptical but quickly everything changed, in less than three minutes watching an x-ray, making movements with the wrist and various palpations, he diagnosed me with a rare scapho-lunate ligament rupture due to fatigue of the right wrist.  The first thing I think "how fast" the second "what a shame not to visit him before". And ... surprise ... he tells me that if I want, he can operate in a week. He tells me that the operation can be performed in two ways, open surgery or arthroscopy. After explaining me the pros and cons of one or the other. With all the confidence that he transmitted to me, I asked him, "If the patient were a loved one of yours, what would you recommend?" With the answer clear I returned to Asturias, in a week Javier Ferreira M.D and his team would operate me by arthroscopy. I remember the calmness and clarity with which he explained to me all the steps of the operation.  In the operating room it went as indicated, I spent one night in the hospital. The next day he saw me and immobilized my wrist, in a week I returned, only 7 days it took in order to remove the splint and start rehabilitation, they were responsible for making a comprehensive postoperative report and communicate with the physiotherapist who performed the rehabilitation. After several visits I was discharged, a discharge a little special 

, ever since the first day when I had contact with him my obsession was to be able to continue with my life with total normality, a life a little demanding for the wrists, since I practice numerous mountain sports. But above all I had great love for climbing and thanks to Javier Ferreira M.D and his team I have been able to direct my professional life also to what I like the most, obtaining the titles of sport technician in medium mountain, sport technician in canyoning and sport technician in climbing". ".

Amparo, 68 years old. 




Traumatic injury in index finger.


"Four years ago I decided to change my sofa, and with the help of my husband, I moved the new sofa around the living room to see how it would look better. In one of those displacements my index finger got stuck between the sofa and the wall, and I literally destroyed it; I had the pad of the finger and the nail hanging, and also as I was on synthroid treatment I was bleeding profusely. Javier Ferreira M.D took charge of the case, he operated me immediately and everything went great, he even reconstructed the nail matrix. In addition, during the surgery with local anesthesia, the anesthesiologist could not have been nicer, talking to me, constantly looking after me, at some point I even forgot that I was being operated on!


Today I have a perfect finger, you can only notice what happened by a thin vertical line on the nail and the mobility is complete, without any discomfort. 


Without a doubt I would recommend Javier Ferreira M.D: he is kind, accessible, he calmed me down a lot, because I was very nervous when I was undergoing treatment with synthroid, and he saw me as many times as necessary until I recovered completely; everything was perfect!".

Paquita, 58 years old.




Calcification in the left shoulder.



"More than 20 years ago I was diagnosed with a small calcification in my left shoulder and since then I have suffered very painful episodes with immobilization of the whole arm.

During the episodes of pain I was treated with cortisone infiltrations that produced an improvement in pain, but the loss of mobility of the arm increased over the years, while the small calcification ended up becoming a larger one.

About 2 years ago, finding myself in a horrible state, I went to see a traumatologist specializing in the shoulder who, after assessing me, told me that the only solution was to operate to remove the calcification, but there was a risk of adhesions or fibrosis.

Not being very convinced about undergoing the operation and having received very favorable reports about Javier Ferreira M.D, I went to his office with severe pain and complete immobility of the arm.


His first action was to remove the pain by infiltration and when I told him about the possibility of an operation to treat my problem he informed me that he used, with success, a different technique consisting of using thicker needles to introduce saline into the calcification under ultrasound control in order to dissolve it and allow its absorption.


The result has been miraculous, since then and two years have passed I have not had any more pain in the shoulder, while I have perfect mobility in the whole arm.


For problems similar to mine, I firmly recommend Javier Ferreira M.D and the solution he has used with me".