D-Medical Center

Javier Ferreira M.D consults at the D-Médical Medical Center, an exclusive and avant-garde center located in the heart of the Salamanca district of Madrid, where a select group of highly specialized professionals work, carrying out a close and human medical activity, making available to the patient all the diagnostic and therapeutic means necessary for a comprehensive and first class medical service (www.https.//d-medical.com).


 D-Medical Center

Principe de Vergara 44 street
Phone Number: 91 436 26 36 
28001 Madrid, Spain

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Line 29 y 52 (Príncipe de Vergara street)

Line 1 y 74 (Ortega y Gasset street)



Line 4 (Lista station) 

Line 5 y 9 ( Nuñez de Balboa street)


Public parking at Glorieta del Marqués de Salamanca (100 meters)